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At The Base Studio, we aim to provide suitable options for all our clients. Where our weekly planning allows for flexibility and choice, we also provide 6-week leveled programs. Our programs are perfect for those who prefer a more comprehensive curriculum, in-dept learning with a group of people who are exactly on your level.


Must register for the entire program, no drop-ins are allowed.

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Emerge (6 weeks)

If you have never tried pole dancing, this is where your journey begins. In this 6-week course, you will learn all the fundamentals of pole dance technique. Being surrounded by fellow inexperienced pole dancers is the perfect place to feel comfortable, ask questions, and ensure you learn not only through personal practice, but also from watching your new pole buddies as you all start your pole journey together. This class is the perfect preparation to comfortably move onto level 1 and 2 classes. Please wear shorts or pants that can be rolled up to expose the back of your knees.

Next edition starting on Sunday 01 October.

Dej`Yoga (6 weeks)

No better way to spend your lunchbreak than by leaving the office and spending some time moving your body. This 6-week course is combining a yoga class and a cozy lunch break with new friends. We will focus mainly on movements that your body needs after sitting at a desk for hours and will incorporate meditation and breathing techniques.  The intention is focused on disconnection for the outside world, reconnecting to your center, creating awareness, and sending energy to what your body needs in that moment and then afterwards… it’s time for lunch! 

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