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pole dance

Pole level 1+2

In Pole level 1, you will learn how to spin, climb, and move smoothly up and around the pole. Pole level 2 is for students who have been working on basic climbs and spins and are ready to begin basic pole inversions. You will learn more advanced climbs, spins, and tricks, while building the strength and confidence necessary for proper inversion technique.

Pole level 3+4

Pole level 3 is for students who are comfortable with inversions (both grounded and aerially), leg hangs, climbing variations and basic tricks. Level 3 will bring you to a higher level with longer and complex sequences, advanced inversions, and challenging holds. You will learn how to use your skills and strength to execute dynamic and fluid aerial combinations. As a prerequisite for Pole level 4, you must feel comfortable with more complex inversions, sequences and holds. Pole Level 4 focusses on combining strength, power, fluidity, and grace. You will learn high-level strength and flexibility tricks, complex sequences, transitions, and flows.

Pole all levels

This class is a mixed ability class, which means that you will be working on spins, climbs and tricks at your own level while having the opportunity to connect with students who are in all different stages of their pole journey. We believe in creating opportunities for students of different levels to come together, learn from one another and cheer each other on. There is no prerequisite for this class.

Pole Dance

Choreography and sequence-based

Slow & Sensual (choreography-based)

This class will keep you dancing from start to finish and is all about exploring and/or expressing our sensuality.

Each choreography will allow you to work on different areas of focus and will mostly navigate around the bottom third of the pole and the floor. This class is the perfect moment to dim the lights, let your hair down, and allow yourself to feel your best self. We will emphasize on movement quality, transitions, shape creation and fluidity. Heels (6”, 7” or 8” platform shoes) are optional. Kneepads and socks are recommended.

Prerequisite: a basic understanding of weight transfers and pirouettes.

Choreography and Sequence-based

Pole’ography (choreography-based)

This choreography-based class is all about the connection between movement and music, exploration, and expression. We will use spins, tricks, and movements that you might already know and add in new elements of dance and transitions to elevate your movement into a beautiful, expressive flow. Create a greater mind-body connection, refine your musicality, and express yourself in your unique style. Movement and music style change every couple of weeks. Some choreographies will be low flow, while others will involve climbing and moves on the top part of the pole. Kneepads and socks are highly recommended for these classes.

Prerequisite: pole level 2 and up.

Heels technique (sequence-based)

Learn the fundamentals of heel technique and low flow. In this sequence-based class, you will work on a sequence for two consecutive weeks and play around with differences in speed, music style and additional prompts. This class is all about developing the strength and grace needed for smooth transitions, beautiful lines, and movement quality in heels. We will focus on weight transfers, waves, pirouettes, slides, drags, transitions from floor to pole and other fundamentals to make sure your heel work looks and feels great. Heels (6”, 7” or 8” platform shoes) are required for this class.

Prerequisite: minimum of 5 slow & sensual classes (or similar) are required.

Specialty class

Our specialty classes are our little bundle of joy and excitement. As the theme of our specialty class changes on a weekly basis, you will be able to explore many different classes that are not (yet) offered on a regular basis. Classes may or may not involve a pole, but will always be a lot of fun. They’re the perfect way to spice up your weekend. All specialty classes are accessible without any prerequisites, unless mentioned specifically in class description.

Yoga and Flexibility


Flexibility (all levels)

Flex classes will develop proper and safe techniques to enhance your flexibility and take it to the next level, using both passive and active stretches. The focus will be on maintaining strength and alignment in deep stretches. You will develop body awareness and proper alignment while safely and gradually increasing your body’s range of motion. Can’t touch your toes? No problem! Exercises will be adapted to meet your body’s needs of the given day. From increased ability in everyday functional movement to advanced flexibility in your pole or dance practice, Flex is a great way to support any goals you might have.


Yoga (all levels)

Our yoga classes are traditional vinyasa yoga, however at times, we will be incorporating elements of yin, vinyasa flow and restorative yoga. You will be guided through safe alignment, physically challenging yet grounding movements, and breathing techniques. The intention is around strengthening your relationship with yourself by building a greater sense of awareness of your experience and allowing your body to maintain or gently brought back to natural rhythms that support a healthier body and nervous system.

Yoga and Flexibility
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