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Located in the 15th arrondissement, and only a few minutes away from the Eiffel tower, The Base Studio is a lifestyle wellness studio whose essence is empowerment, positive energy, and a welcoming community. The Base Studio was founded in October 2021 by Michelle Noëlle, and offers pole, dance and movement classes to people of all genders, ages, shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. 

Our home away from home has 4 poles and welcomes up to 8 people per class. While classes are taught in French, we are blessed with a very international community and translate to English where needed (and occasionally teach a class fully in English). We have dimmable color changing lights and a BOSE music system to set the vibe, and an air purification system and water fountain to keep you fresh & hydrated. 

The Base Studio aims to be a place where you can feel at home, where you can be your most authentic self, discover new parts of yourself and do things you never imagined you could. I strongly believe that we learn best in a space that is set up for success. As a teacher, and now a studio owner, creating such an environment has been my main focus from day one. 

Strong sense of community

A core element of The Base Studio is the desire to make every single person who steps inside feel welcome. It should feel like home, a space where you can show the best version of yourself, where you are supported and celebrated, where we learn together and where you feel that every single person is genuinely happy to see you succeed.

The choice to run classes with a small number of students plays an essential role, as it allows people to truly get to know each other and exchange, rather than just spend time in the same space. I believe that this sense of community is not just something that we experience inside the walls of our studio, it is something that expands and radiates through on the outside as well!

Obsessed with you

At The Base Studio, being client oriented is priority number one. Being able to adapt to every single client, to get to know them, and support them in the best possible way in their journey is my greatest pleasure. I want to get to know YOU, your strengths, your challenges, your taste in music and movement, and your goals. This way I can provide you the knowledge, challenges, and energy you need to walk out of the studio rejoiced and fulfilled.

Respect, responsibility, and openness

At The Base Studio, we celebrate diversity and welcome people of all genders, ages, shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. We believe that our differences are what make us unique, and we love to empower these exceptionalities! We encourage our clients to keep an open mind and celebrate both their own and other client’s exceptionalities. We take it as our responsibility to ensure that all our members will be welcomed with respect and kindness.

The difference is in the details

When it comes to technique, the difference is in the details. As a teacher, I believe that being detailed oriented is a huge benefit. Being able to see what movement is suitable for a clients’ body and fitness level, keep their bodies safe and give them the right tools to understand and unlock new moves is a true game changer. Having a limited number of students, allows me to pay attention to those details, and give every client exactly what they need.

Stay curious, keep learning

Teaching is a wonderful experience and working with my clients always brings me new learning opportunities and challenges me to develop and grow. Every client steps into the studio with different expectations, needs and preferences. I love sharing my knowledge and expertise, and I believe that a great additional value at The Base Studio is being created by the way clients share and learn from each other.



my ability to dance freely


"The classes are very interesting, the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. The classes are well prepared, you don't feel left out, Michelle always has an eye on you and that's reassuring. She is kind and has a great desire to help each student progess. Before I started taking classes, I felt uncomfortable because of the way people looked at me, I didn't have confidence in myself and it had a big impact on my ability to dance freely. Now, I feel more 'me', I discover myself. I feel that I am getting more and more confident."

– Sacha


How it all started 

After multiple years of teaching, mainly in private group settings, my client base has expanded remarkably which resulted to needing a bigger space to host my classes. Right at this moment, a fantastic opportunity came along that was exactly in line with the way I wanted to grow my business. A few months later, The Base Studio turned from a dream into reality, and I am beyond grateful for every single person who has supported me throughout this journey. One step at a time, I am turning this project into what I aspire it to be.

The idea to name this project The Base Studio came very naturally. I wanted something simple, that was applicable to pole, dance and movement but also to self-discovery, growth, and life coaching to create space to let the project grow beyond a physical studio and combine it with my other passions and field of work. 

A base can be many things; the foundation or starting point for something, a specified place, the roots or core on which something depends. We hope that The Base Studio can be that specific place for you, a starting point where you can build foundations, and where you discover that the base of everything will always be you.

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