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Private classes

Private classes are the ultimate way to elevate your level to new heights and achieve progress at a faster pace. Our clients decide to take private classes for various reasons, such as:


Wanting to learn the basics and increase confidence before joining group classes.


Recovering from an injury and having a program specifically tailored to their strengths and needs.


To prepare for a performance or booked gig.


Unlocking specific tricks.


Understanding their body better.


As a gift for/with a friend or family member.

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During our private classes you will receive informed and safe instruction, catered to your specific needs and goals. Select your emphasis: pole tricks, choreography, liquid motion, chair dance, or flexibility or yoga - the sky's the limit!


Each private class is specifically designed to meet your level / desires. Therefore, we invite you to specify what kind of class you would like to book and share all we need to know in order to prepare you the private class of your dreams. Private classes are suitable for any level.

private class 1h

1 person

Single class 75€

Pack of 5 classes 350€

2 people

Single class 110€

Pack of 5 classes 500€

private class 1h30

1 person

Single class 95€

Pack of 5 classes 450€

2 people

Single class 130€

Pack of 5 classes 600€

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